Ryan Langrill, Ph.D. 

Welcome to my professional portfolio!

I am currently working as an Evaluator with the Idaho Legislature's Office of Performance Evaluations, which has an excellent staff and great director.

Before my return to Boise, I taught for a year at Emory University as their Postroctoral Fellow in the Program in Democracy and Citizenship. I taught History of Political Economy, the Political Economy of the City, and Political and Economic Liberty. I was privileged to work with Emory's high-quality students, to teach courses I was interested in, and to work at its beautiful campus.

I completed my Ph.D. in Economics in August of 2013. At George Mason I wrote my my dissertation, "Three Essays on the Micro-Foundations of Social Change," under Peter Boettke. An electronic copy of the dissertation is available online at Proquest for those who have a subscription. Feel free to email me for a copy, as well.

My lovely wife of three years manages the Lake Hazel Branch of the Ada Community Library system. I am a die-hard Cubs fan, a homebrewer, and an avid reader.